In his mind, DB sways his shoulders and dances

8 Jul

Yawn! A yawn was made by a bored student in class. The teacher was mumbling all day and was strangely talking towards the board. Anyway it was so boring! When boredom comes then crazy will follow. Eventually the bored student secretly approached to his friend who was also bored too. They began planning a mischievous plan. While they were talking about their plan already one student was being silly, he was ever so sneaky tying a knot with the girls’ hairs together. The girls did not notice this; when suddenly the teacher called out one of the girls name to come to the board.
The girl got up and the other hair tied girl gave a sound to indicate pain. They both got up and looked behind them. The guilty student boy looked up at the girls’ faces. Then two hands slapped the boy’s cheeks coincidently. The whole class laughed, but one male student was not laughing. He stood up and went to the slapped student with an angry face. “How dare you do that to my girlfriend,” shouted the angry student. Unexpectedly, the slapped student threw a punch on the angry student. Seconds later the fight began the whole class rejoiced.
The two students were still planning, while everybody else was out of their seat watching the fight with excitement. Moments later, the teacher went out of the classroom to tell off. Minutes later, the teacher called the assistant to calm the fight down. Everybody then sat down, bored again. The class lecture began again, this time there was no action going on. Then later, the school chime rang it was time for lunch the two planning student quickly went out laughing and giggling, and boasting about their intelligence, because miraculously everybody was strongly glued to their chairs, real bad!


Matsuri no Uta

8 Jul

The shepherd with a wooden staff was walking towards the land of many mountains. Accompanying him a flock of twenty-one sheep all blooming with pure white wools, which was ready to be shaved any day. The shepherd happily led the flock as a group, creating the imagery of a big fat cloud on the light green sky.
His staff pushed the sheep to the right path, the slope was steep, the grass was plenty, the trees were few, but the shepherd headed near the mountains. Where grasses were never touched by the shoes of men and are fresh enough for the flock of sheep to munch everything carelessly.
Over some steep hills, and passing through the muddy paths below. The shepherd waved his staff effortlessly, but was full of effort in his heart. The fresh green winds made the shepherd’s clothe to dance wild and breathe in nature’s beauty. The shepherd was coming nearer to the final stop, the green paradise for a sheep.
Finally arriving at the fresh pasture territory, no man’s land, the flock of sheep immediately starting feasting on this fresh munchies. The green grass made the sheep drool for more. Nevertheless, the shepherd sat on the grayish rock to relax and hear the sound around him with concentration.
The flock of sheep was singing a funny chorus as they were munching away. The wind whistled pretty well like a human. The mountains just stood high watching down the shepherd’s flock with jealousy. Time passed by, the shepherd ended up lying on the fresh grass breathing on the shepherd’s back. The shepherd closed his eyes for a moment and opened again to see the small clouds in the sky that looked like a flock of sheep on the light blue pasture.
The shepherd woke up, and sat straight to count his flock of sheep. One, two, three, four… twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two? The shepherd got up and started leading the sheep back to their home. The mountain was still jealous of the shepherd, so it gave one wolf to join the flock of sheep… joke?


8 Jul

“Oh no I’m gonna be so late,” said the man as he looked with his half opened eyes. He quickly as a cat in shock got out of bed and jetted to the toilet to do his routine actions, but this time a little bit quicker and not in a diligent way. After doing everything in the toilet, ran back to his room and widely opened his wardrobe to wear his glossy silver suit, nice blue necktie, silver sparkling like trouser, and a dull grey sock. Ding! The toaster toasted his lightly burned toast bread. He ready to go.
He bumped out of his door and slammed the door shut at the same time running like a chicken chased by a fox. With the lightly burned toast on his mouth he ran down the stairs. There was no time to take the elevator so he trusted the stairs. Finally ground floor, but the man already seemed tired. Gasping for breath, he knew this was only the beginning for there was still four miles left to go.
Waving his hand was just being crazy, that’s what it looked like to other people. But this bold man had no time to care about his image; he had to catch a taxi before it was too late. Suddenly, one old granny stopped the taxi, but this almost late man in a flash shoved the old lady away and dived into the cab.
“To my office,” gasped the man. The taxi driver frowned and started driving to the man’s office. The good news was inside the cab was a beautiful classic music playing, and the air conditioner was perfect, but the bad news was outside, yes, a traffic jam. The man was frustrated and just got out of the taxi to run. The taxi driver cursed him, but the man had no time to quarrel with the taxi driver.
The man ran and ran like a chicken chased by a fox. He didn’t look at the beggars begging, the children jumping to the rope, the gang smoking, the old man reading an adult magazine, and even his own friends waving at him. At last he dashed into the office entrance, slippery and clumsy; he reached for the elevator button in an epic timing. The elevator door opened and he entered. Splat! His boss hit his head with the newly week newspaper, yes he was late.

Shin gakki(5)

26 Jun

After the warmth bloom the beautiful flowers the sun began to burn hot. It sure is summer time, a great time to start everything nice and hot. You better start packing your bags and put on your cool summer time uniform, let’s assume you like your school uniform. This is a short, white t-shirt, with a white V-neck and a no ribbon on it! You are now ready to go to school and it is far away. A couple of steps? No, a thousand of pedaling needs to be in action so that you will get there in this scorching noisy weather. The sun is out just fine hot and cool; the sky is clear and sky-blue with a touch of green polished leaf from the giant, breathing trees, what more can you say? Also looking around you are groups of your school friends and students, dressed in the same color as the white clouds in the deep blue sky, walking and chatting with one another.
Through the entrance of your routine boring school yet exciting, you unite up with your cool characterized friends. Right away your friends start to talk with you with hyper voices and loud tones. At the same time you run with your friends at a light steady pace to you and their classroom. A teacher appears from the corner of the hall, and you greet with a bow while your teacher gives a heavy smile. Then you and your friends continue on to the classroom. Up the stairs at a constant pace, then at the halls at the constant pace, which at last you reached your eventful classroom.
In the classroom, some girls at the corner of the room were chatting like they use to do; some boys sitting on the desks were discussing carelessly about their holiday plan and your wooden desk just stays at the right side of the widely opened windows. You sit down tired and sweaty. Then you unpack your cool colored school bag looking for your gigantic pencil case, which you eventually did that was crushed by a bunch of comic strips and a lunchbox for lunch. Your life teaching books are laid messily, under your desk, ready to make you learn sometime for today.
Suddenly, disturbingly, the school bell rang, loud and distorting. It was time to study and prepare for your dreams and future. All the classmates and friends sat down on their seats, many preparing lately for class. Few minutes later, the teacher comes in, and your class representative forced you to bow to your teacher ‘hello.’ The teacher reminded you and the class of the final exams coming soon, but rather worrying about the exam you only had the holiday in your mind.
Finally your class teacher started the first lesson, and when the starting begins, those sound of the white chalk scribbling on the blackboard, though the board was actually dark green. A few minutes later, the voice of your teacher babbling, you end up staring out of the opened windows, making a scene of the wind animating the dancing leaves. Again you look at the board, but your heavy eyelid closes your eyes and without hesitating you slept immediately, and very comfortably.

Misu Orusundae Robin Theme

22 Jun

It was a rainy day at this one night. This handsome young lad with his suit on drives through the street with his black luxury 1950s car, reflecting the neon lights of the street, so was the rain reflecting the lights. As this young lad was driving with charisma and with the style of a noble man, he stopped his car and opened the car and, with a few raindrops on his well combed hair, he entered through the widely opened door with a neon sign above it, ‘Heaven’s Bar.’ As he entered and he took the stairs to go down to the bar of heaven they said.
Inside the bar, many other men were already there drinking and either smooth talking with some ladies or group of men sharing their own interesting experiences. They seemed to have fun, but this lad just walked up to the front and ordered some cocktail drinks to soothe his throat with pleasure. While the cocktail waiter was making the young lads drink, the lad turned his chair a bit to look at the live stage, there was nobody and empty but one silver polished (Georg Neumann) microphone. The stage looked gloomy for a bit suddenly one stage light turned on, focusing on the spot where the microphone was at.
From the shadows beside the dark curtains, some saxophone and trumpet players and more were starting to play a song, it was a jazz song. Then moments later the music changed to something very aromatic, which at the moment of the change of atmosphere a scarlet dressed lady comes into the stage and grabs the microphone in slow motion. Her red lips were close to the microphone, she opened her mouth showing her incredibly red tongue. As if she was going to lick the microphone, instead she started to sing cooperatively with the music. It was a perfect and beautiful unity.
As the lady was singing more passionately and more attractively, the room became silent all the men who were chatting about their experiences and even the men who were playing with the girls were silent and concentrated toward the women wearing scarlet and beauty. As she was singing so attractively and appeared sexy towards the whole men, except for the cocktail waiter who finally brought the cocktail drink that the young lad was waiting for. The young lad was not aware of his cocktail drink, because he was so tempted by this scarlet dressed singer.
Hours past, the scarlet lady finished singing and sharing some of her dance to the audience, it felt like a few minutes to the audience and was tempted to see more from this appealing women. However, the lady sank into the curtains and went out of the stage. The men were disappointed in their minds, but quickly they talked to one another and continued what they did at the first place. But the young lad still desired for more, so he went out of the bar and waited in the car for the scarlet lady to come out. He did not finish his cocktail.

Head in the clouds

18 Jun

Thud! A boy fell from the sky, suddenly? The boy is confused and is asking himself where this place is? He looked up at the pure blue sky, but he noticed that it is too pure to be a sky, comparing what he usually sees in his routine life. Few minutes later a white cloud was passing by, even though the boy can not feel a breeze. The boy was in shock, the white clouds is not like cotton candy or something like a wool, but it was a transparent white rectangles placed on each other, like a pile of papers.
The boy is laughing and frightened at the same time. He again asked himself where this place is and also questioned what this place is? He stopped looking at the rectangle white clouds and looked below where his feet were standing on. Again with surprise his eyes grew larger with shock, the grass he was standing on was a bunch of straight thick green lines sticking out of the ground like drinking straws, and were arranged in patterns, dark green, light green, dark green, and so on. The boy is terrified.
He knelt down to touch the ground with his thin cylinder fingers? The boy was now even more shocked than before, he looked at his belly, arms, legs, and his hands. They were all in a three dimensional shapes but in a very odd figure not human. He was like a figure in one of those two dimensional game characters in many addicting computer games. To find out how he worked he slowly wrapped his fingers, they moved perfectly fine, except that they looked weird. He then tested his entire body muscular systems and they all worked real well. Disturbed and freaked out the boy tried his best to gain a strong mind to adapt this sudden change of his geometrical body.
As soon as he adapted to the sudden change of this odd world, he continued what he wanted to do, touching the ground, he touched the weird shaped grass, and they felt like real grass just cool and fresh to the very tip of these cylinder fingers. After he touched the bad quality grasses, he caught sight of a tree on the hill. The hill was like a hill but because of the grass it looked a little bit of a pyramid. Despite this the boy started climbing up the hill with his mathematical body heading for the tree. This time the boy is fascinated and interested to know more about this strange world.
Finally he climbed the computer graphic hill. In front of him was a tree that world has ever grown in the routine world. The tree’s trunk was in the shape of a perfect cylinder and colored artificial brown, the trees branches were not visible because the square green leaves were covering the top, making the top of the tree shaping like a cube. The boy leaned against the trunk of the tree with his flat rectangular back, and relaxed under the big square shadow created by the shading from the hexagonal sun.

Jack Sparrow

18 Jun

“C’mon I need some rest,” said a man sitting at the end corner of a drinking bar. This man wore a long black dusty jacket with a golden cross necklace on his dirty neck that hasn’t been washed properly for a month. He had a black hat on which was also dusty just like his black jacket. His pants were had long sleeves and was grey unlike the rest of his clothing. There was a big fat golden ring with a skull on it on his finger, and a huge ruby ring on his other hand’s finger. Down his waist was a black worn out belt supporting his silver rifle, dark brown small telescope, and a black wooden compass from China. This man was a pirate.
This pirate’s face was pretty handsome and ugly at the same time. His golden earrings however made his handsome appearance to dominate the ugly side of him. His long black hair was not washed for a week, but it was drenched in sea water for quite a day or so. Still the hairstyle was looking great especially the braids and the beads on the hair showed him to be a very fashionable man. Also that he was no ordinary pirate in the bar of wine and beer.
Behind all the people in the bar, this pirate enjoyed himself with some cheese and a bottle of rum. He moved strong and lazy, making other people not to force themselves to talk to him, especially when his rifle was showing out too well which his jacket should cover it. His wooden mug was heavy and bulky in appearance to other people, but this pirate lifted it up to his thirsty lips for gold and adventure. Somehow he took out a handkerchief from his pockets and wiped his nose with it. Everything on his table looked like it was the property of this pirate that no man should ever touch.
After he drank all his bottle of rum, he slammed the table and stood up. He turned around and started walking like a drunken man and like a drunken pirate. His hands were shaking with excitement for more adventure. As he walked ahead all the people gave way for him, but one man accidently bumped on his shoulders. The pirate and the frightened person looked at each other eye to eye. Tired and exhausted the pirate just smiled and apologized. The people were amazed by the kindness of this pirate.
The pirate just continued walking out and he went out of the dim brightly lit bar, to the outside world sounding with waves of seawater. Right now still dark and night time, other people were playing and drinking with women. Some filthy rich and some clean poor. This pirate ignored these beggars or merchants and walked toward his lovely ship, black as black pearl. As he walked heading for the ship, the dark night suddenly turned dark navy blue, and the sun was rising from the east. His ship was appealing the most in front of the rising sun, and the mast’s sail was let down and the pirate was ready to set for sail with a bottle of rum on his hand.